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Waban - Making a difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities for over 40 years

Welcome to Waban Projects


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For over 45 years, Waban has been providing high quality services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. What started out as a summer camp (Camp Waban) where people with special needs could learn to swim and enjoy lakefront recreational activities has blossomed into a community based organization with a broad offering of comprehensive services that reach throughout York County. Our programs serve children and adults of all ages who have developmental or other disabilities.


Today, the programs at Waban continue to serve children and adults with special needs. All the work that we do is guided by the principles of respect for the individual, normalization, integration, and self-empowerment in the least restrictive environment. We take pride in the thoroughness of our program design, the exceptionally well maintained and equipped facilities, the high caliber and dedication of our staff, and the success of the children and adults that we support. At Waban, we make a difference.




The 44th Annual Waban Telethon was held on Saturday, March 21st , at the St. Ignatius Gym on Riverside Avenue in Sanford.  The Telethon was sponsored by the St. Therese of Liseux Parish.  While the economy continues to struggle and many people face significant financial obstacles, the community once again rose to the challenge.  In spite of one of our longest, snowiest, and coldest winters in history, individuals, businesses, and organizations came together and demonstrated their unflagging support of the programs at Waban by raising $86,310.00!!

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Secure Records Management Systems (SecureRMS)


How does an organization who's primary purpose is to provide services that meet essential social needs address today's financial realities that include limited resources and reduced funding?  What steps can an agency take to diversify its funding streams and break its dependence on government and other "soft" revenue sources?


To that end, Waban has formed Secure Records Management Systems (SecureRMS), a confidential information, paper shredding, and document destruction company that provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities and channels all of its proceeds to support Waban's mission of providing essential services and programs for children and adults with developmental or other disabilities.


For more information about SecureRMS and how you or your business can receive high quality services, at competitive prices, with the value-added of providing jobs for people with disabilities, please contact us at 207-636-5700. 


Secure Records Management Systems is a social enterprise of Waban Projects, Inc.  Click here to visit the website and learn more about SecureRMS.

Is your Confidential Data Safe?  Click here to find out how SecureRMS can help!!

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"Waban has played a key role in turning my son’s life around. When Andy entered Waban at 3 ½, his prospects for a normal life were very dim. Waban sparked a curiosity and fueled a fire in Andy. The curriculum, speech, occupational, and physical therapy were important in his development, but the integral elements were the teacher and teacher’s assistants who showered Andy with love and encouragement. You have fostered in him an unbridled curiosity for life, a realization that there is progress if you work hard enough and have a true understanding of compassion. You have given a little boy wings to fly."

-Louise, Andy’s mother